You are what keep Third Hand Bicycle Co-op running! Third Hand depends on donations in the form of tools, shop supplies, bicycles, parts, and money. Rest assured your donation to Third Hand will go towards getting more people riding and keeping bikes on the road.

Ask about THBC swag!
Ask about THBC swag!

We would greatly appreciate any of the following:

Tools, bikes, locks, lights, tubes, rags, tires, work stands, grease, car racks, apparel, helmets — really, anything bicycle related.

Bikes and parts in poor condition are disassembled and recycled at a nearby scrap yard.

Donation Benefits:

  • Support your community and enable people to get up and ride
  • Save bicycles from the landfill.

Donation Guidelines:

  • We gladly accept donations any time we’re open
  • Please don’t leave donations outside the shop during off hours
  • Donation value is assessed and an itemized receipt is provided
  • The Co-op does not buy or trade for items or accept “loaner” bikes

Here’s how we’ve been investing:

We used your donations, as well as a grant from ComFest, to install solar panels on the roof. THBC is committed to sustainability – both environmentally and financially! This source of clean energy greatly reduces our dependence on fossil fuel power plants, and also slashes our electricity bill so we can focus on helping you!

Low-resolution photo of the team on the roof